Another Player in Web 2.0 Search

Web 2.0. It’s been interesting to watch how social marketing, viral campaigns, and my own personal opinion (yours, too, of course!) shift and shape the flow of information.

But, we now have a bigger problem: How to index all this “shtuff.” It seems that Youlicit might have the right angle. Incorporating user’s natural searching patterns goes far beyond a search engine’s click tracking from a SERP and this should be quite effective at weeding out excess info, especially malware/spam and other web-negative operations, because not only popularity but also quality, will be figured into the final results.

I wonder if I’ll post about Youlicit again in a year….

(For anyone that installs their toolbar, drop me a note on how much memory it consumes and any other thoughts you have.)

clipped from
Youlicit Invites Us to Rediscover Search

Youlicit uses something called collaborative filtering to reduce information overload. They focus specifically on user-annotated web data. Some examples of sites they collect information from include, a social bookmarking site; Digg; Amazon; and similar kinds of sites. They also collect data from their own users. And while the company maintains a web site with a search box, they seem keen to promote their RSS feed, widget, and web browser toolbar (all of which are free, of course).

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One Response to Another Player in Web 2.0 Search

  1. seochatter says:

    I don’t know how I *really* feel about Search 2.0, but the groundwork is being laid right now – there’s going to be another Google to invest in, I’m sure. :-}

    Thanks for stopping by!

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