Redirect Savvy

Stephan goes into great detail concerning redirects and how best they should be used. I can especially appreciate his recommendation regarding retiring pages such as Holiday items: move the items, but keep the page/URL active for the next season to maintain the page/URL’s weight. That is some sage advice, indeed. 

Stephan also touches on one of my personal favorites: mod_rewrite.

New to SEO? Get ready to become a master of mod_rewrite and 301 redirects. Otherwise, things might get tough for ya!

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Redirects: Good, Bad & Conditional
Programmers and sysadmins who are not SEO-savvy will likely default to using a “temporary redirect,” also known as a “302 redirect.”
Just gently inform them that what they really need to be using is a “permanent redirect,” or a “301 redirect.”
What would be some of the “use cases” for a 301 redirect?
if any of your URLs are going to change
if you are changing domain names ( to
migrating to a new content management system (a.k.a. CMS)
You’ll want to do it even if you are “retiring” certain pages to an archive URL (e.g., the current year’s Holiday Gift Guide once the holiday buying season is over—although I’d make the case that you should maintain such a page at a date-free URL forever and let the link juice accumulate at that URL for use in future years’ editions and NOT redirect at all).
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One Response to Redirect Savvy

  1. seochatter says:

    I apologize. It came to my attention that I unintentionally left out all other server platforms. My mod_rewrite love is extended to all ops, not just Apache and friends.


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