Bounce Rate: Info for SEO, or Distraction?

Bounce rates can be difficult to understand, tougher to measure, and insane to base decisions on. 

Before you see high bounce rates and freak, ask yourself if there may be a good reason for this.

Before you see low bounce rates and pat yourself on the back, be sure that you have an appropriate ‘time on page’ measurement, among other things. Visitors that spend little time on a page, but click-through many pages, may have left your site *without* the info they wanted. And none of us get bookmarked/tagged/blogged for being pointless, do we?

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Bounce Rate. What does it mean to you?
Wouldn’t it be true that if an information site was properly designed and structured and was very SE friendly wouldn’t a high bounce indicate success? Someone is looking for something, searched, found your page in the SERP and left because they got the information they were looking for.
High bounce rates for an ecommerce site with no checkout are a concern. There are many things that would affect that one. I think deal shopping is one of the top factors. Maybe those generating the high bounce rates will be back to purchase if they’ve found you’re offering a good deal?

other metrics to take into consideration while looking at bounce rates like, how many of those bounces are human? And, could someone program a bot to sit there and generate high bounce rates for your site and wreak havoc on the metrics and the performance of your site?

What happens if you discover a competitor is doing this? How does one protect their site from this kind of sabotage?

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