Regaining the Trust of Google

Penalized by Google. Ugh, ouch, yikes, and owee! 

But, our benevolent over-lord promises gentle forgiveness; as long as you comply. (I’m tempted to go into ‘resistance is futile’ mode, but it’s sunny out, so I’ll stop there.) Ah, all is well, again… Sorta….

The speculation on Google’s penalty applied/penalty removed function and how that affects a site’s trust/authority before, during, and after impact is quite varied. SE Roundtable took up a very logical point-of-view regarding linking that only makes common sense. The kind of common sense that, one might say, Google encourages.

In contrast, there are many other ways to get penalized by Google and knowing which ‘rule’ you broke should give you a better gauge on how severe or long term the penalty may be.

As always, consider the long term effect *before* prioritizing the short term benefit.

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Can A Google Penalized Site Get All Of It’s Trust Back Quickly?
JohnMu of Google said: 

If a site cleans up issues so that it complies with our Webmaster Guidelines, then there’s generally no reason why we would treat it as something less trustworthy. Cleaning things up is always a good idea :).

How I see it, if a site is penalized for links, the day before the penalty, Google has your trust at (let’s say) a 8.5 of 10. Now, Google flagged many of your links as part of a link scheme and your site and those links fall in trust. Now your site drops to a trust value of 1.5 of 10. Now that you have been penalized, you work on cleaning up your links by getting rid of the bad links. As you do this, Google may say, okay, we now trust your site, so you slide back up to maybe a 5.5 of 10. But those old links, the bad ones, that Google once trusted, are now gone forever. So you won’t reach the 8.5 of 10, like you once had.
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One Response to Regaining the Trust of Google

  1. seochatter says:

    Thanks for reading!

    I’d really like to get other’s thoughts on different guideline penalties and webmaster tactics and how they could possibly factor into ‘Google amnesty’ and how relevance/authority is effected before, during, and after a slap on the wrist from Google.

    Please, share your thoughts!

    Chat Man

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