Until Video, SEO, and W2.0 Play Together…

Quite a few individuals will tell you that a transcript can be the most effective method of ‘showing’ your video to Search Engines, but that may be just one line of thought. 

Building a transcript of meaningful videos and other media is, at best, overly time consuming. Not many of us have that kind of time, and hiring someone else to do it can be a bit cost-prohibitive.

I also stop to consider the relevancy of the transcript, as a visible page, itself. How long does it stay up? Does it get moved? What if it gains real weight? How do I handle the content in the long run?

I think SEOBook.com’s firetown has a great start to the idea. He led me to these questions:

What if you place a short clip highlighting the page’s ideas at the top of the page, making sure to offer a link to commenting on the video, as well as a transcript effectively SEO’d on the page? (Did I just envision a world where SEO, W2.0, and Video play together?!) The news does it all the time with teasers, and, IMHO, I’d much rather zip through video RSS feeds. Reading the entire post and drilling down, link by link, to the source of the info that I really want can get pretty distracting. If all the ‘lead me to more’ info I want is in the clip, then WHAMMO! You have me clicking away because I know I’ll find something good at the bottom, doncha know?

And I don’t have too much time to be distracted. Do You?

I think I’ll cook on this for a hot minute or two… When I can afford to be distracted (those lovely five minutes before sleep, lol),

As always, thanks for reading!

Chat Man

clipped from www.seobook.com
I personally would use a video more or less as an introduction to something you have written up for those who want to learn more.


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