Multiple Sitemaps?

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You Need More Than One Site Map

Table of Contents:
  • You Need More Than One Site Map
  • HTML Site Map to Help Human Visitors
  • ROR Site Maps for All Search Engines
  • Google and XML
  •   blog it
    Justin Pinkus at posts his ideas on sitemaps and how each ‘audience’ of your site should have a sitemap specifically tailored toward that audience, including the Search Engines. 

    A few times in the post, Justin mentions broken links. You should have a link checker (I use GSite Crawler) of some kind and verify that your site’s links are functioning. Bad URLs can lead to bad rankings nearly immediately. I had an experience once where a directory page with relative URLs kept looping back to itself for about 30 of the on-page links. Yahoo! all but disappeared from my site until I got those links fixed.

    Justin also refers to another article of his that seems promising, given the info that he extracts for this article, but gives no link or location as to where this ‘other’ article is found. Awww, pooh!


    2 Responses to Multiple Sitemaps?

    1. Please let me know which article you are referring to an I will give you a direct link to it!

    2. Chat Man says:

      Hey Justin! The article that I was referring to was “Why A C- Navigation?”

      The title eludes to specific reasons why a basic HTML site-map can be ‘bad,’ for lack of a better word. If you haven’t already gathered, my blog’s primarily geared toward small business owners and others that are new to web visibility and who want to SEO their own on-line identities. I think, given your writing, this may be the very kind of article I want my readers to see.

      Thanks a bunch for droppin’ by! I’m sure I’ll be posting more commentary on your articles, so please always feel free to correct me if I mis-quote or to add more info to my summaries.

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