Starting Your In-House SEO Team

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Aaron Shear

Weapons of Mass Optimization

A fair-sized team for an in-house SEO department should, at minimum, consist of one director, one manager, one analytics expert and a strong tie into your public relations team.
Write the Way Your Customers Search

I recommend looking at tools like Google Trends, so that you can easily identify simple category naming mistakes. For example, the choice between naming a category “MP3 Players” vs. “Digital Media Players” can mean a difference from 7 clicks a day to thousands of clicks per day.

Look Behind the Scenes
In general, if you pay attention to the minute details, they will add up to big successes in the long run.
Measure Your Results

When it comes to analytics, be prepared to scale immediately. You will quickly find that when you combine traffic, ranking samples, and revenue and conversion data together, it becomes almost unmanageable. Thus, a large-scale database is necessary – so don’t skimp out!

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Aaron addresses some substantial points to consider when building your in-house SEO Team.

Cooperation among different departments is critical. The staff I work with doesn’t have too much of a grasp on my function in the office; and they don’t really care to understand, either. The downside is, I’m constantly cleaning up and making notes of poor SEO work instead of watching trends, testing concepts, and implementing successful ideas.

Get what you can from Aaron’s article. It could save you a pretty penny, or two!


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