Would I Suggest Google?

Google Suggest started a rippling of chatter yesterday, as well as a few forums reporting possible shifts in SERPs and ranking factors of Googlrithms. 

Do the two have anything in common, or are the two strictly exclusive?

Data compilers may enjoy this next G-shift, as it appears to be multi-pronged.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Chat Man

clipped from www.google.com

Today we’re excited because Google Suggest will be “graduating” from Labs and available by default on the Google.com homepage. Over the next week, we’ll be rolling this out so that more and more of you will start seeing a list of query suggestions when you start typing into the search box.
We find that by providing suggestions upfront, we can help people search more efficiently and conveniently. Below are some great ways Google Suggest can help simplify your searching.
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