But I Don’t Have Time to Podcast!

Are you sure that podcasting isn’t something you have time for? Are you really, really sure? 

With Kim’s quick tip, below, you might just rethink how much time you do have in your day.

clipped from www.zanypixel.com
turn your blog posts into podcasts without having to do any extra work? Well, I can’t see why you wouldn’t because doing this offers your readers a new and unique way to absorb your content, not to mention a ton of new link opportunities. 

One of my favorite tools, Odiogo.com, will instantly give your blog a voice. Odiogo will automatically convert your RSS feeds, text articles and blog posts to iPod-ready audio files. Once you’ve installed their free service, you can then submit your new podcast to all of the podcast directories, generating tons of new backlinks to your site. If you sell software, you can generate 1,000s of links by distributing demos of your software to directories across the Web. All you have to do is convert your demo software into what’s called a PAD file . You can create your PAD file using a free PAD generation tool known as PADGen.

You can then submit your PAD file to over 1,000 download websites.

If you want, you can automate this process at SubmitMySoft.

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