Ear to the Railroad Tracks

I was not too surprised to see a posting regarding certain SEO tools that are scraper based because I knew Google was planning on shaking things up…. Ear to the Railroad Tracks, man, Ear to the Tracks!

Yesterday, Googler Ben Gomes, wrote an article highlighting a few of the different kinds of experiments that Google conducts with SERPs to enhance user experience; some of them noticeably large and some not so much.

So, as debate begins to stir among ‘the community’ regarding Google changing the code structure of SERPs to dissuade data scraping (data scraping is a form of data mining where bots retrieve a page from the net and, based on different variables, locates specific information within that page and extracts it, usually to a database of some kind for analyzation, manipulation, and a host of other functions), Google’s JohnMu gently reminds us all that Google experiments, too!

clipped from googleblog.blogspot.com

Posted by Ben Gomes, Distinguished Engineer Permalink

Search experiments, large and small

8/26/2008 11:23:00 AM
In my previous post, I described the components of your web search experience and the principles behind creating a great search experience. There are complex algorithms underlying simple features such as spelling correction and the two line snippets that describe each search result. We figure out what works by running experiments – tiny tests for a small number of users which help us determine whether that feature helps or hurts.
clipped from www.seroundtable.com
Update: Google’s JohnMu directed me to a Google Blog post named Search experiments, large and small, where he said, “I imagine it might be more due to” that blog post. I was away when Google posted that, but as John said, it does look to be very related.
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