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Many an optimizer has recommended LinkedIn for visibility purposes, but I don’t see many of them comment on LinkedIn’s Answer section.

By asking thought-provoking questions and delivering answers to confusing questions with clarity, you can very easily build your ‘webutation’ and become ‘someone to consider’ on topics of your industry and expertise.

Just take a look at what Hillel did. I’m sure you can do the same!

As always, your visit is very appreciated!

Chat Man

clipped from
Learn how to use to get more targeted traffic to your website
by Hillel Porath
August 27, 2008
Here are two simple things that I did
1] Where it says to edit your professional “headline” under your name I put instead of “internet entrepreneur” – “ founder and developer”. That immediately catches people’s eye. So let’s say someone is browsing through profiles and they see it – they will check out what is
2] The next tool is something similar to Yahoo answers – it’s called:

LinkedIn – Answers

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