Recovering from a Google Shakedown

Malinkam poses a great question to members of Webmaster World Forums regarding the best way to recover a site’s rankings in Google.

Points to consider noted by members are:

1 Know the causes of the drop in rankings. Don’t make the same mistake twice!

2 Domain age. A site with significant age may be better off cleaning as opposed to starting from scratch.

3 Site Size. Smaller sites are easier to move to a new domain; larger sites may pose a few challenges.

4 Consider the TLD extension.

I think server platforms could make a difference, too, but that’s just me. Do you think there are other factors to consider?

Post a comment with your thoughts!

Chat Man

clipped from
Switching from .org to .com in hope of recovery



If site A ( looses ranking, and we open Site B ( would the penalty or filter or whatever this thing is end up in Site B?
1 of our sites, “” vanished from Google on June 4, running out of options what else can be done to recover lost traffic (well, not totally vanished, just lost about 80% traffic).

We also own “” which we never used for content. All the content and inlinks are located on .org site.

Would you still ride this thing out or do such a drastic move? Would google treat the new .com as a brand new site?

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