Dr. SEO to the O.R. – Dr. SEO to the O.R.

In SEO, a clear goal is 100% critical. Even though establishing the path to that goal is mostly done on-the-fly, it’s nice to know what obstacles are lying around the forest floor, so to speak.

Getting a client to open up to their SEO consultant can be challenging, to say the least. Shady tactics, unknown actions, and a host of other things are not what you tell your consultant they’re in for – they might raise their quote! WRONG-O BUCK-O.

Consultants that are truly focused on their client’s best interests *want* to know everything about your site: The Good, The Bad, and (yes) The Ugly! It’s not about judgment, it’s about direction. If you plan on driving across the desert and you have nothing but a compass, wouldn’t it be prudent to ensure that your vehicle’s properly aligned? That you have plenty of gas? That there’s an actual destination?

Without a client’s sincerity, not only is SEO work practically impossible, it may be near pointless.

Be honest with your SEO consultant – It’s the only way we can help!

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Aug. 28, 2008 at 3:14pm Eastern by Aaron Wall

Are You Giving Your SEO Enough Information to Succeed?

Websites are like patients. If someone tells a doctor “I feel sick,” but is unwilling to give any further information, they can end up wasting a lot of time. They can end up no closer to an answer to health than a person who chooses to lay in bed sick, even though they feel something might be seriously wrong.
Without looking at the URL and getting a bit of background you can write 10 pages of useful questions and tips, but without fully knowing the context of a problem or the URL you usually can’t fix a site…you are stuck throwing darts in the dark.
Analyzing a small site can take hours, and fully analyzing an enterprise level site can take weeks or months – in some cases requiring issues be fixed before digging deeper into the site.
If you hire an SEO you should treat them like your doctor and give them as much information as possible.
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  1. […] Preparing to Hire: SEO Posted September 3, 2008 Filed under: SEO | The incomparable Aaron Wall wrote an article posted on SE Land that emphasized how important it is that a client is honest and transparent when hiring an SEO firm. I couldn’t help but to add to his points in my post Dr. SEO to the OR. […]

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