Microsoft Opens its Ears to SEO

Nathan Buggia posts an article on Microsoft’s Live Search Webmaster Central asking developers and programmers to chime in with their thoughts on how to enhance Micro$oft platforms for better SEO management. 

If you work on a Microsoft platform (Windows, IIS, ASP.Net, Silverlight), stop by LSWC and give ’em your two cents!

Chat Man

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What’s Broken in the Microsoft Development Stack?

Last week I was at SES San Jose in the “Working Collaboratively with Your IT Dept” session with panelists Greg, Matt, Chris, and Sage, where someone asked which platform they should use for maximum SEO benefit. The answer from the panel was a resounding “Nothing from Microsoft.” While I don’t entirely agree with this advice, I thought it would be a great catalyst for feedback from the community on what we can do to improve our development stack (Windows, IIS, ASP.Net, Silverlight) so they are optimized for SEO by default (also check out the presentation I did on (workarounds for common SEO issues on the MSFT Stack).
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2 Responses to Microsoft Opens its Ears to SEO

  1. Andrew says:

    What does this mean for the average web site trying to optimise with limited resources and technical ability? Can you suggest how we can optimise

  2. seochatter says:

    @ Andrew: First off, thanks for the question! I’ll do my best to clarify for you:

    This post is more in reference to the platform that your site’s server runs. Microsoft platforms are not ‘well-favored’ by those focused on site visibility; and Microsoft has taken note of most SEO’s disdain for running a site on Microsoft platforms. Basically, Micro$oft is asking webmasters/SEOs working on their platforms to send suggestions on how best to develop a platform that features SEO techniques. However, your site runs on Apache; you wouldn’t, necessarily, need to focus on this Microsoft development.

    I’m glad to give you some suggestions on how you can improve your site’s visibility and will email you with a preliminary review of your site.

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