Microsoft Webmaster Tools

Although this post is an echo of an earlier post on SE Watch, it’s still important to note that Microsoft, it seems, has a focus lately on giving webmasters info that other SEs have not been as free with. 

Is Microsoft buddying up to the SEO/SEM community? For me, it sure does smell like it.

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August 6, 2008

Microsoft Webmaster Tools Update

Microsoft has just released an update to their Webmaster Tools. It’s a significant update, with lots of new functionality in it. My guess is that a large number of SEOs will adopt this new tool as a part of their tool set. Let’s take a look at the opening screen:

One of the new features is the “Crawl Issues” report. This provides information on 404 errors, pages blocked by the Robots Exclusion Protocol, and dynamic URLs that have excessively long query strings. One interesting sub-note is that the review guide I received says: “Live Search flags URLs that have exceptionally long query string that could lead our crawler into an infinite loop trying to crawl all the variations due to the large number of potential parameter combinations.”
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