SEO Recipe: Really No Secrets

SEO is, really, an open book. Well, good SEO is. There’s no ‘quick fix’ to gain long term high rankings. Sure, there are a few methods to get short-term rankings, but these methods are ever-changing as Search Engines get wise to each new gimmick. Once your site is found out, you may be risking your entire revenue stream! Why would anyone deposit $1,000,000.00 with an uninsured bank? The same idea applies to ‘quick’ SEO fixes.

There are simple rules:
1) Know your keywords

2) Ensure your site is spider-friendly and well-structured (i.e. content hierarchies, internal linking, code validation, etc.)

3) Visibility: Links and Social Media. W2.0 has added a whole new facet to ranking that you should be taking advantage of.

4) Don’t ever expect to be ‘done’ with your site’s visibility!

Many thanks, William!

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William Flaiz
There’s No Secret Recipe to SEO
Just about everything worth doing comes with a process of some sort. More often than not, these are stringent step-by-step instructions on how to get something done, such as cooking an omelet.
But SEO isn’t an omelet. While a general framework is necessary to be effective, the optimization process must be adaptable to each unique client.
Step 1: The Nebulous World of Research
Step 2: Prepping for SEO
Step 3: Cut Loose, Measure Constantly
An SEO program is never done in the traditional sense. It’s a cycle, not a once-and-done process. The length of certain parts of the cycle can increase if a Web site doesn’t change that often, but SEO should become part of the routine maintenance and updating schedule.
Each step in the SEO process informs the others. Be prepared to go back and make adjustments along the way.
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