Separation of Duties

In Accounting, a primary principle to understand is the separation of duties. The function of this principle is to ensure that different functions maintain their individual goals, as well as acting as a security measure to guard against corruption.I hadn’t realized the parallel between my professional training and SEO until I read Duncan’s article. The same principle applies for nearly the same reasons. You want spiders to understand your content and navigate your code; the separation of code and content concept that he proposes is perfectly aligned with the function of Separation of Duties.

Also, the common sense application here is that you want to highlight your content, not hide it among the HTML: A really good point to keep in mind.

Chat Man

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Duncan Morris

Applying onsite seo to website template (or why separation of code and content is a good thing)

Posted by
Duncan Morris
on Fri (8/29/08) at 09:54 AM
Web Design & Usability

No matter what software pattern is used to code your webpage it is (and has been for a long while) good practice to separate the structure of a site from the presentation of the site. The HTML should contain no information about how to display the page. This should purely be the structure and semantic information required for the page. This is one of the major failings of websites that use tables for layout purposes, which in almost all situations has to place a lot of the presentational information within the HTML.
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