Preparing to Hire: SEO

The incomparable Aaron Wall wrote an article posted on SE Land that emphasized how important it is that a client is honest and transparent when hiring an SEO firm. I couldn’t help but to add to his points in my post Dr. SEO to the OR.

This week, Esther Kane chimes in with her take on the responsibilities of each party, both the client and the SEO firm. Her best points, for me, were the simple observations of the difference between the client who actually used the information and those that didn’t.

When you are considering meeting with an SEO individual or firm for the first time, be sure that you understand the information that they will be asking you about and the scope of the work you expect them to be responsible for.

When working for a client, a visibility professional will be prepared to explain the obstacles to a site’s gaining rank, whether that’s site structure or coding, in-bound linking, meta tagging, internal site linking, content, whatever the site is lacking. As a consultant, you should be able to advise your client where the competition has an edge and where a site lacks strength.

Each party shares cooperative responsibilities. And only by working together can any of the goals be accomplished.

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SEO Responsibilities
Both Client and SEO Firm Should Know Their Responsibilities
by Esther C Kane
September 03, 2008

The clients who follow our recommendations reap the benefits with increased traffic, increased conversions and increased sales.� The clients who simply ignore our recommendations and just keep their websites standing still only get to see declining traffic, declining sales and declining conversions.� That is, until they call us to complain that we’re not doing our job!
But, although we provide all this information (and more) a small percentage of our clients take our recommendations. But, it’s that small percentage that ends up seeing traffic double or triple and conversions increase anywhere from 2-8 percent. It’s very frustrating, knowing the potential that these other websites have but is being wasted.
The SEO Firm’s Responsibilities:
The SEO Clients’ Responsibilities:
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