Google Penalty Facts

TheGoogleCache recently posted a rather insightful article on the misperceptions around Google penalties.

The simple fact of the matter is, Google ‘penalties’ are penalties for a reason. The reason Google imposes penalties is to keep their SERPs clean of web-negative sites, to offer a variety of relevant results to the end user, and to promote a ‘healthy web.’ Web-negative sites (malware/spam sites) and irrelevant results in Google SERPs will make people use another Search Engine – Why would Google give up their ‘bread and butter’ so easily?

One easy way to figure if your site is penalized is to review the ToS and highlight any terms that your sight may be violating, then fix to comply.

Just because your site doesn’t rank well, doesn’t mean you’re penalized; and this is important to keep in mind.

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Google Penalty Myths

Is your site suffering a penalty?
It is far too easy to attribute your site’s poor rankings to a penalty when, more often than not, another more straight-forward answer is available.

penalties normally impact webmasters who undertake egregious steps to optimize their site: comment spam, forum spam, guestbooks, poor cloaking, etc. Even then, most of the time these links are simply devalued.
penalties are normally only diagnosable when all other ranking factors appear in order. Is your site as old, have as many links, or as quality content as your competitors?
penalties normally impact sites in obvious ways. Did your site drop from the index altogether (ban)? Did all of your rankings drop in a uniform manner (# penalties)? Or were several keywords impacted and drops greater than 500+?
Unless some mix of the above list are true, chances you are not suffering a penalty. A couple of issues are more likely at play
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