Googleopoly Conspiracy Theorists with Programming Expertise Needed!

I begain touching on the concept of the Googleopoly with so many current advancements from SEs and the recent release of GChrome. Believe it or not, from those seemingly tangential writings, I was headed in a very specific direction; and the release of audio-to-text searching pushed me to share some speculation on my part.

(disclaimer: The following ideas are based on nothing other than my own observation and conjecture. I am not an official source of any company’s information, nor do I engage in conversation skewed toward anything other than open discussion. Basically, I like to theorize and argue; the following statements and proposals should be held in that context, alone.)

I’m not a programmer and I don’t pretend to be, so please grace me with forgiveness for asking what may, very well, be ‘obviously dumb’ questions:

1) Is there any chance that Google is building a crawler based on the technology of GChrome? I just find it intriguing that part of GChrome’s purported advancement is translating JS into in-line, machine readable code (and JS, as much of a ‘spidering’ challenge as it is, isn’t going anywhere but up, IMO – look at the use of AJAX – a crawler that ‘gets’ JS is becoming more necessary, every day); and it seems as though this technique could be passed on to a bot’s programming, somehow. Wouldn’t a bot with this kind a capability be far more robust than what we have now? (Or, was it just to boost Google’s search volume? When one searches through the ‘omnibox,’ a SERP from Google is given by default; whereas searching from the address box in IE, the default SERP is MSN or Yahoo!, depending on your ISP; this is another significant detail that I just can’t gloss over.)

2) If Google can turn audio to text, will GoogleBot be able to ‘listen’ to audio captchas, return the appropriate text, and then navigate a site beyond a simple ‘human verification’ page?

I can’t help but ponder these questions; and I hope I’m not the only one who’s considered them. If Google’s ‘bread and butter’ is search, then why would they dedicate so much time and energy developing technologies that don’t work toward that end, directly or otherwise? It’s along the same line of reasoning as why large oil companies haven’t ‘led the charge’ on exploring and developing new energy sources; a good business model enhances the need for its company’s services/products, not the opposite. And, I’m fairly certain that some significant time, resources, and money went into the latest push of Googlervices (Google + services), so I have to consider the motivating factor that’s behind all of this ‘growth’ lately.

I do hope that someone would tell me if I’m on a proverbial ‘goose chase,’ because all of my conjecture leans on the concept that these services (how Chrome handles JS and Google’s converting audio to text), and the technology behind them, could possibly be the ‘outline’ of the GoogleBot yet to come. Seeing as I’m not a programmer, I need that one extra bit of info to gauge wether these ideas are something to consider or just smoke-and-mirrors.

My sincerest thanks to all for letting me ramble on. I do that from time to time… 😉

Enjoy your day,

Chat Man


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