Is Query Reprocessing the Next Big Search Advancement?

The semantic web is difficult to index. With many enduring thanks to heteronyms, proper indexing of the web is still a good way off. Either we need to change the structure of language, globally (Yeah, talk about unrealistic), or someone has to devise more effective method of semantic disambiguation. Will Query Reprocessing be that method?

I think it may be a step forward, but does Query Reprocessing have the ability to tie in the contextually relevant words, as well? Hmm… Well, it can be done with ‘cars,’ what else can they do it with?

I think Query Reprocessing, if it advances and is embraced by the masses, will be highly effective at filtering malware/spam pages.

With that said, check out the post at

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A Different Way to Search – Query reprocessing
This approach, implemented by sites such as Hakia and Powerset (recently purchased by Microsoft), attempts to subject search queries to logical analysis in order to better determine the intentions of the searcher.
This is the subdivision and display of short – often single-word – queries in categorized form to help the searcher distinguish between various interpretations of the search.
This feature enables certain terms in the search query to be dynamically replaced with others that have the same meaning in order to expand the result set. Hakia provide the example of “cure” replacing “treat” in a health query
A typical search engine query contains general terms that if treated literally artificially limit the result set. Hakia’s generalization function will show results, for example, that contain the names of specific car manufacturers in response to a query that contains the word “car.”
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