How to Guarantee Noticeablity

Seth’s newest post has encouraged me to beef up the About Chat Man section of SEO Chatter. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that I am doing it differently: I want potential SEO clients to know what to ask their clients and what kinds of answers should be expected. 

Many thanks, Seth, for reminding me to remember *why* I do the things I do and undertake the projects I start.

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But you’re not saying anything

big companies didn’t want the logo to be part of their story, they just wanted it to fit in with all the other big company logos
same thing goes on with pricing. If you price your products like the competition does, you’re not saying anything with your pricing. “Move along, there’s nothing to see here.”
Marketing storytelling is not about doing everything differently. You do many things the same, intentionally, because those ‘same things’ aren’t part of your story. It’s the different stuff where you will be noticed, and the different stuff where you tell your story.
If you’re not telling a story with some aspect of your marketing choices, then make sure that aspect is exactly what people expect. To do otherwise is to create random noise, not to further your marketing.
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