HTML <title> Tag

You can find any number of individuals that refer to the importance, or lack thereof, of the character length of a <title> tag.

Although it may seem like the character lengths people recommend regarding a good <title> tag are arbitrarily tossed around, these numbers (for the good information sources) are based on sound advice.

W3C recommends a shorter <title>, supported by additionally clarifying and descriptive text in the <h1> tag. This recommendation implies the importance of <h1> and other heading tags, so why not use them?

clipped from

<title>: the most important element
of a quality Web page

The <title> element in HTML is designed to provide a short
piece of text that should stand for the document in cases such as:

  • window title bars
  • bookmark lists
  • result lists from search services

not too short

“Section One” won’t help much when it shows up in a search results
list. Section one of what?. Better: <title>Section
One of the Modern Music Guide</title>
or even better <title>Time Frame (the Modern Music Guide, Section 1)</title>

not too long

Because only 60 to 80 characters are displayed in many window titles,
menus, etc.; you can give a more detailed/pleasant title in the top level heading of your document, e.g. <h1>Section One: When has the Modern Time Commenced, Musicwise?</h1> (with a link to the whole Modern Music Guide for context).

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