PowerSet and Microsoft Roll-Out First Collaboration Tests

Microsoft’s purchase of PowerSet is beginning to yield fruit. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to taste a sample of semantic searching in action, but only if you use MSN Live on a consistent basis because testing is only ‘flighted’ at the current moment.    

I’ll do my best to find reviews of the newest results, but it may be a bit tricky!

Read More, below:

clipped from www.powerset.com

Powerset’s First Live Search Projects

Posted by Mark Johnson
Wed, 17 Sep 2008


Powerset officially became a part of Microsoft a little over a month ago and we’ve already completed our first few integration projects: Freebase Answers, improved captions for Wikipedia results, and new related searches using our Factz engine .�

These projects were meant to be achievable in 30 days and act as a first collaboration between the Live Search and Powerset teams.� We have plans for deeper integration in the future, but these projects gave us an opportunity to get to know our colleagues up in Redmond and drive greater understanding of our respective technologies.� All of these projects are currently being “flighted” on Live Search, which means that they are being shown only to a small percentage of users (if you get one, consider yourself lucky!).� Once we’ve gotten data back from the tests, we’ll plan next steps and decide what features will eventually roll into the product.
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