1% SEO: The Little Things Add Up

While working for a client of mine with a large site, I was constantly expected to perform ‘miracles’ of SEO. Time and time, again, I tried to explain that achieving top rank for his home page was going to be difficult as long as dead links, broken code, bad layout, and other seemingly insignificant factors went unaddressed.

Needless to say, although I was able to optimize for commanding ranking across Bing, Dogpile, Ask, and Google on 2nd tier keyphrases, the top tier phrases that the client really wanted stayed just beyond reach. And never once did I complain. I just reiterated that once you have 90% of the SEO done, there are still 1% factors that need to be addressed – and when you’re going after firecely targeted keyphrases, the luxury of ‘but the competition doesn’t seem to have those problems’ as a point of insight is no longer relevant, really.

When minor tech issues are the only problems you can find, you’re much better off just correcting them.

So, even though Bruce seems to be reiterating obvious points that should be considered and optimized, they are points that all too many feel won’t matter in the long run…. They might be points that don’t make *the* difference, but they do have their place.

Chat Man

Bruceclay.com – SEO is in the Details: Bruce Busts the Boondoggle – SEO Blog.

HTML Constructs

It used to be that a site needed every Meta tag in order to rank. Now that’s not the case. No one element will cause a site to rank, but it’s crucial to remember that SEO is effective as a whole.

Make your site all that it can be by using HTML as it was intended.

XML Sitemaps

an XML file often causes pages to be added to the index, which is an important objective of search engine optimization. Also, consider the use of an XML Sitemap when redirecting one site to another.

Keywords in URLs and Image Links

Keyword-rich URLs add value to a site in more than one way.

Page Copy

There is no magic [keyword] density, but there are winning page footprints. density alone is nearly useless, but it does have its place.


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