8 Tips to Power Packed PDFs!

Sharon Housley of feedforall.com breaks down the important factors of PDF visibility into eight simple ‘to-dos.’ Keep these in mind when you publish your PDF to the web.

With my own experience of good, ‘ol fashioned trial-and-error, I also learned the following:

— Keeping text, especially Title Text and directional/decorated text, in its own PDF field is important. If you do not ‘field’ these items, you may end up with a jumbled mess of characters instead of a solid, spiderable, keyphrased title or header.

— Gain more keyphrase weight by reflecting/repeating keyphrases found on pages that link to your PDF and those pages that your PDF links to. (Only if this worked for HTML pages, too… Darn!)

— I don’t recommend archiving PDFs. Establish a URL and leave it!

— If you go through the trouble of publishing a PDF, at least get some credit for it by using in-copy linking with clean links.

— PDF Document Properties are also categorized and indexed. Not taking advantage of them is like not using alt text on your images.

— Use ‘outline’ formatting where possible to auto-generate heading tag formatting.

— Don’t publish a photo without having something relevant to say about it. Use event names, dates, branding, etc. Avoid: “Joe at the bar.” Use: “ABC’s Summer Picnic 2009: Joe’s Drinks.”

— If you think about file naming, logically, then picking off any minor visibility issues with ALL file names can only enhance spiderability.

If you have any tips of your own, leave a comment!

Chat Man

clipped from www.promotionworld.com

Search Engine Optimization for PDFs

by Sharon Housley
July 31, 2009

1. Text Based
the most important thing involves how the PDF file is created.
2. Optimize Text
Text contained in a PDF file is very similar to web copy
3. Link Depth
links to the PDF files that you wish to have indexed by
the search engines should be on a web page that is frequently spidered
by search engines.
4. Add Links
5. Document Properties
is done in Adobe Acrobat. Details: File -> Document Properties
Advanced – > Document Meta-data
6. Bold Heading
Use H1 or H2 tags to make headings and sub-titles bold.
7. Caption Under Photos
search engines will index the image
captions just as they would the “alt text” on a web page image
8. Name Of The PDF
Use related keywords in the actual file name for the PDF file.

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