I said this a year ago….

Almost a year ago, exactly, I made comment that the landscape was changing. Now, with Yahoo! and Bing teaming up, it seems that the front-runner, Google, will no longer be the only big, bad dog to put up a fight….
clipped from seochatter.wordpress.com

I’ve noticed a severe and drastic change in the landscape of search from just a month ago. Even if you’ve really been watching, you’ll be surprised to know that, in the past 3 weeks:

Google data scrapers stopped working – SERP structure changes broke many SEO tools
Google ChromeThe omnibox All indicators are that Google has not monopolized its browser
Yahoo! BOSS – A whole new ability to “foster innovation in the search landscape”
Yahoo! SiteExplorer new features
Weather Report: Yahoo! Search Index Update
Yahoo! SearchMonkey – Yahoo!’s new developer platform that uses data web standards and structured data to enhance the usefulness of search results
Live Search Webmaster Tools – All new look at Live’s indexes
IE 8 – All indicators are that Micro$oft has not monopolized itsbrowser

For that much activity across all search engines, within such a short period of time, one could only reason that competition is getting quite fierce!

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