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Ear to the Railroad!

Google, Yahoo!, MSN… “The Big Three,” as of Aug 2008.

Search Engines of many different types are doing the laborious leg-work of documenting the digital world; a task I’m not envious of one bit. The most critical aspect to this documentation is the ability to retrieve it, it must be indexed.

Worthwhile information should be indexed, archived, and structured, so that current and future generations can build upon it. We are, truly, documenting the moment when a wedge was first wrapped around a cylinder, in a sense. And, there’s money to be made off it!

SEO is very much different from SEM, although both work to similar ends; and I’m not saying anything against the power of capitalism. But, there are significant differences between the techniques of SEO and SEM. When I began researching SEO, much of the talk also involved other topics: SEM (including PPC), personal promotion, professional networking, and the like. Search Engines have spawned a whole professional arena and a career niche for many, spurring the refinement of quality information on the net and opening up the long promised bounty of marketing opportunities the web has allowed.

So, it only follows that many of the really effective visibility tactics get discussed in a flurry of threads and tweets posted by SERP watchers, PPC discussions, personal and professional attacks, and more. Basically, there’s a lot of chatter, but not a lot of conversation… Unless you listen close.

Like a train’s tracks, rumbling far ahead of the lumbering locomotive, SEO has a pulse. And if you put your ear to the tracks, you’ll know where it’s coming from, how fast it’ll get here, and how quickly it will come roaring through.

(See more info on the difference between SEO and SEM at Corsavoo.com‘s article, Search Engine Marketing-How it Differs from Search Engine Optimization.)

SEO Chatter author: Chat Man

Chat Man is a nom de plume. Affiliateless and without SEM ads to clutter things up, Chat Man doesn’t worry about the money, just the work. Any work worth doing, is worth doing it well (or better than anyone else, but time decides that one!). There is no financially driven bias on SEO Chatter for that very reason. I don’t, really, have to censor what I say, so what words escape the tips of my fingertips are genuine observations. I don’t like to pull punches and the anonymity of my pen name gives me that freedom.

The practice of SEO makes me some pretty good money, currently. A measly $100 or $200 bucks from serving ads on SEO Chatter would be more trouble to keep track of and collect than my time is worth. The knowledge, however, I did not pay a single cent for, so I feel I should share it (and the sources of my knowledge – I didn’t wake up with this stuff in my head, ya know?)

That’s Chat Man, in a nutshell.


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