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July 31, 2009
FireFox. If you’re SEO and don’t like FF, then you better be a programmer.

But, if you’re busy and need quick insights, Glydo may be the best keyword seeder I’ve come across….

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Glydo FireFox Addon Discovers Related Articles & Tweets as You Surf

Glydo (install it here) is a new interesting FireFox addon that analyzes the pages you are viewing and displays more related posts in the status bar.
Advertisements SEO Data Aggregation

September 18, 2008 offers up some pretty substantial stats and if you haven’t come across it, you should take a quick peek.

Areas to note on a QuarkBase info page are:

Social Information on as reported by QuarkBase

Social Information on as reported by QuarkBase

Image of Traffic info on as reported by QuarkBase

Image of Traffic info on as reported by QuarkBase


Company and Tech info on as reported by

Company and Tech info on as reported by

SEO via Video Instruction

August 28, 2008

Click Sharp Marketing has published a video series on SEO. The reason for my posting it here is because I don’t really have enough time to review this 10 part video series and was hoping that someone could check it out and post a review. Also, check to see if any SEO techniques that can be applied to video were utilized by Click Sharp.

Check out their YouTube Channel for all the juicy video.

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*SEO Chatter and Chat Man are not affiliated with Click Sharp Marketing, in any capacity.

Possibly, one of the best ‘top of’ lists of free SEO tools/info

August 21, 2008
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Fast, Free and Easy Tools to Get You Going

SEO Tools: Firefox and Friends
SEO for Firefox
Search Status http://www.quirk.zib/searchstatus/
SEO Quake
Keyword Research
Keyword Discovery.
SEO Book Tool
Backlink tools
Site Explorer.
Link Diagnosis
Hub Finder
Traffic Marks
Local Keyword List
Domain Tools
SEO Browser

Competitive Research

Google Trends for websites
Google Insights for Search
WordPress as an SEO tool
Google Keyword Suggestion
Keyword Discovery
Microsoft adCenterLabs
XML Sitemaps
What’s an XML Sitemap?
Google Webmaster Central

Crazy Egg is a Heat Mapping Tools

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